1240-1310nm quantum dot lasers

  • Quantum Dot FP/DFB Lasers
  • 1240 to 1310 nm wavelength
  • TO-56 CAN package
  • Ideal for Telecom, Datacom and Interconnection

Lasers with quantum dot active layers drastically reduce temperature sensitivity of light output characteristics of 1300nm communication wavelength lasers. The characteristics provide much easier handling for customers in evaluations and adjustments than conventional quantum well lasers. QLF1339 is a 1310nm Fabry-Perot (FP) laser, and QLD123x is 1240 – 1270nm Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser. These lasers are mounted in a TO-CAN package with a lens cap.

Product Number Wavelength Power LD type Package Data Sheet Note
QLD1261-4005 1240nm 5mW DFB 14pin Butterfly images
QLD123F-4010 1240nm 10mW DFB TO-56 images
QLF1339-AA 1310nm 6mW FP TO-56 images
QLF1312-P10 1310nm 10mW FP chip images
QLF131F-P16 1310nm 16mW FP chip images
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